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DEER HUNTING TIP #1 SCENT SENSE by Nebraska Game and Parks Commission
November 4, 2009, 1:05 pm
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scent 001

Hunting clothes with pine shavings (you can use cedar) ready to be sealed in a bag.


This is the first in a series of blog posts about deer hunting.

 “You might be able to fool a whitetail deer’s eyes and ears, but not his or her nose,” stresses good friend, wildlife researcher and USDA Biologist Dr. Kurt VerCauteren of Fort Collins, Colorado, “especially one that’s been around a while.”

“That means,” he says, “you’ve got to stay clean and smell like the woods in which you are hunting.”

VerCauteren recommends not washing your hunting garments in laundry detergent and never wearing your hunting clothing to the gas station or local restaurant. “Rather,” he adds “wash them in baking soda with some cedar berries and then hang them out to dry in the trees in your backyard.” VerCauteren says he showers and uses only unscented cosmetic items before the hunt. After he leaves his favorite deer hunting woods he likes to change to street clothes, keeping his hunting apparel in a sealed, plastic bag with some leaves, pine shavings or some walnuts in it for scent cover. Another way to cut down on unnatural scent is to not wear leather products because they absorb odors. Instead of leather, you are better off choosing rubber boots.

 Remember, it’s impossible to not smell like a human. You can, however, do these things and perhaps others that will help you become part of the woods.

 Good hunting, see you out there!

cedar berries

Add cedar berries when you wash hunting clothes.


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Hi Greg

Scent Sense!! What a great article. Of course
I have known and seen this at Hunting Season. Always having Hunters!! Exciting and proud.
It is just a natural thing for Hunters to leave their clothes outside in the fresh air. Most
of our homes have scented candles. I might add
Mothers get less Hugs. (too much cologne and good smelling stuff) Safe and Happy Hunting.

Comment by Mother

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