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KEEP YOUR POWDER DRY & YOUR BOOTS TOO! by Nebraska Game and Parks Commission
October 27, 2009, 10:41 am
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We’ve all experienced the problem with extremely soggy boots after going hunting, fishing, hiking or backpacking. Gosh, lately with all of this precipitation we’ve had here in Nebraska, it’s been my biggest battle in the great outdoors! How about you? Are you having this problem as well?

 Well, here’s a quick tip that I learned long ago that really works to dry out your boots, whether at home, at the cabin or in base camp. It’s simple, follow along.

 First, crumple up some old newspapers and stuff them in your wet boots all the way to the toe (not too tight, air needs to move around a bit). Next, turn or hang your boots upside down with the heel lower than the toes. Make sure your boots are in a warm, dry place away from open heat sources such as small space heaters, radiators, etc. for anywhere from 8-24 hours, overnight basically. For best results, try to change out the newspapers every four hours or so. The newspapers will significantly help to draw moisture out of those boots. You’ll be surprised at how well this works! Please remember to put the newspapers in your recycling bin after taking them out of your boots.

 Enjoy your time in the great outdoors, with dry feet of course.


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What an Awesome hint for those Soggy Boots.
By the way I have seen those Boots before and
going to see them pretty soon. Get ready for
Hunting folks, Dry those boots out before you
come to visit to show off the deer. I love to
see and enjoy the deer, it’s so important to be
a part of it all. A 97 year old Grandma had
that opportunity every year and loved it. That Grandma was Gregs’. Thanks Greg!

Comment by Mother

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