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October 20, 2009, 12:29 pm
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Lady beetles on my truck.

 Have you seen them? They seem to be everywhere in high number. They look like lady bugs, hmmm. THEY, are Multicolored Asian Lady Beetles. 

Imported from Asia, this variably colored and spotted lady beetle is now very prevalent in rural areas as well as in some towns and cities here in Nebraska. Though bothersome (and they can occasionally bite) this beetle is an effective, beneficial, natural control for harmful plant pests such as aphids, scale and other soft-bodied arthropods that live in row crops, vegetable gardens, orchards and forests. Still, its tendency to invade homes and other buildings (not to mention my truck and deer hunting blind, ha) for warmth this time of year sometimes in large numbers. This makes them a nuisance to many of us. They are also really attracted to lighter colors. If agitated or squashed, you’ll notice that the beetles exhibit a defensive reaction known as “reflex bleeding” in which a smelly, yellow fluid is released from its leg joints.

 You’ll be glad to hear that later in fall, near the time of killing frosts; the adult beetles seek shelter to spend the winter. You now know more about the Multicolored Asian Lady Beetle. Tell your neighbors.

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Asian Lady Beetles everywhere…………..
They wait on glass doors and entryways to get inside. Many friends and neighbors have been curious about them. I have told them about your information and Blog. Thanks so much. They think you are very special and I know you are. What a very fortunate mom.

Comment by Mother

I’ve been battling these things (by the THOUSANDS!) for years, and absolutely DESPISE them! Insecticides don’t seem deter them at all, and no matter how much I caulk, they still find a way inside my house. So annoying —– not to mention how stinky they make your vacuum cleaner! Every-day vacuuming is not my idea of fun!

Nashville, TN

Comment by Nancy

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