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ADDICTED TO WILD TURKEY (No, No – The Bird, The Bird!) by Nebraska Game and Parks Commission
September 17, 2009, 3:34 pm
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09.17.2009 004

Me with two young hens I took on opening day of the fall turkey season on Tuesday.

Gosh, I really love to hunt, harvest, and cook, AND EAT wild turkey! Mmm, sooo good! Dish me up first, will ya’?

 To me, the wild turkey represents one of the finest, healthiest wild game entrees that exist in Nebraska as well as the nation! It’s no secret that with wild turkeys, what you’re eating is all-natural, not some frozen food that’s been raised for mass consumption. This free-ranging, lean bird feeds on vitamin-rich, organic materials of high nutritional value in the Nebraska countryside– acorns, grains, seeds, small insects and wild berries. This bird is a celebrated prize at the dinner table!           

 Now, I realize that there are probably more than a thousand different recipes out there on how to cook wild turkeys, but fall turkey hunters; I want you to try this simple, but very tasty recipe provided by my friend and fellow outdoor writer Rick Windham of North Platte, NE ( This is a unique twist on preparing North America’s largest upland game bird for the table. My staff and I enjoyed wild turkey salad on bread and crackers for lunch today at the Game and Parks Commission’s Omaha Office. See the pics below.  Try the recipe and share nature’s bounty with your family and friends!

Wild Turkey Salad

 Just in case you’re still wondering, there is no whiskey involved in this recipe, ha. It doesn’t matter what size of turkey you bag on your fall hunting trip in Nebraska, hen, jenny, tom or jake this recipe will make it taste great!


                      1   Wild turkey or 2 wild turkey breasts

                      1    Bottle of Miracle Whip salad dressing

                      1  Small bottle of yellow mustard

                      1   Small bottle of sweet pickle relish


 Cook the turkey in your favorite manner. Remove all the meat from the bones. Slice, dice, chop the turkey into ¼ inch pieces, or less. Then for every pound of turkey mix in one cup of Miracle Whip, one tablespoon of mustard and one cup of relish. Mix thoroughly. Salt and pepper to taste.

Serve on bread for a quick on-the-go sandwich or crackers for a great tasting snack. It’s perfect for football tailgating. I think you’ll like this recipe!

09.17.2009 006

Everything laid out and ready to go. I grilled the breasts of the two turkeys from the first picture last night.


09.17.2009 010

Chopped turkey meat.


09.17.2009 011

Ingredients added, ready to mix.


09.17.2009 015

The finished product on crackers and a sandwich.


09.17.2009 018

Greg dives in for the first taste!


09.17.2009 019

The aftermath.


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