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COOL TRAIL CAMS by Nebraska Game and Parks Commission
September 8, 2009, 9:43 am
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nightbuckTrail cameras or game cameras as they are referred to are now standard pieces of equipment for many wildlife enthusiasts and hunters, especially those of us who hunt big game animals. The purpose of the trail or game camera is to capture images of deer and other game species or wildlife along main trails & trail intersections, feeding areas, creek crossings, etc. without being obtrusive to nature. These camera devices placed in small box-like structures and strapped or affixed to trees or fence posts, document the species, size, health and numbers of wildlife, along with the exact date, time, location and direction of travel. With the new technology of the game cameras, pictures can be taken day or night and some produce video and record sound. coyote

Owning/using several trail cams myself, I would tell you that you never know what you’re going to get when it comes to images on these cameras, and that’s the fun, adventuresome part of utilizing one!  

 Avid big game hunter and guide, Mike Cosentino of Omaha, NE has been using four digital game cameras continuously since early 2009. He now possesses over 15,000 images from those four cameras. Enjoy a sampling of some of his awesome digital trail cam pics that were taken in rural central Nebraska on my blog here.



 doepheasantMike exudes high praise on the trail or game camera. “It is a great tool for the hunter because this type of camera allows him or her to view different wildlife species and note the quality of the animals occupying or frequenting the property. The cameras are very beneficial to people that don’t have the time to spend in the field prior to hunting seasons. The cameras cut down the amount of traffic and scent left from people going in and out of hunting areas which can sometimes make game flee.”

 “Additionally,” he adds, “these cameras are big pluses for landowners to have. They make it possible for farmers or ranchers to evaluate the habitat being used by wildlife, but to also be aware of trespassers that might be sneaking onto their property.”coons

 Cosentino says there are some individuals who feel the trail or game cameras are cheating when it comes to hunting, “but clearly they are not hunters,” he points out, “because hunters realize that a picture of an animal on a camera does not mean it will be harvested or ever be seen again! That’s why they call it hunting, not harvesting, there are no guarantees, not even with cameras.”    threedeerbutts



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Great article Mike! You sure have some great looking deer in them pictures.

Comment by Tom Young

Nice article……..and nice pics!!

Comment by Deb

I guess the main reasons why we like the deer cameras is because we are out to get that trophy buck, so we have more than one deer camera set up in different areas. You can only be in one spot at a time, but with the deer cameras you can pick and choose what deer you want and what area you should be in, and not waste your time in a area where there is no action at. We love our deer cameras and find them very useful! Click here to check out our great selection of deer cameras.

Comment by Chris

Good points. Thanks for the comment, Chris. Good hunting!

“Wags” — Greg Wagner

Comment by Daryl Bauer

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