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Guys Don’t Forget the Gals by Nebraska Game and Parks Commission
August 7, 2009, 10:37 am
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Okay guys, I don’t care if it’s fishing, hunting, trapping, kayaking, canoeing, hiking, biking, camping, wildlife watching, scuba diving or even underwater basket weaving – don’t forget to include the gals of your family in your passionate outdoor pursuits!
My wife Polly catches a rainbow trout.

My wife Polly catches a rainbow trout.

Some twenty years ago or more, it was mostly a Father/Son affair to go afield or afloat. Mothers and Daughters were commonly not even asked to participate in outdoor activities. Not any more though dudes, uh, uh. Throw out those old stereotypes and make way for the ladies! Women represent one of the faster growing segments of the outdoor community in the country. Research shows that women are fond of outdoor activities because they decrease stress and promote feelings of accomplishment.

Daughter Emma kicks back in a kayak.

Daughter Emma kicks back in a kayak.

Sportsmen, seriously, I challenge you to take the initiative to introduce the women of your family to the outdoor activities that you enjoy! Set aside some time in your busy schedule to adhere to theirs for an outing or two, get the proper permits/stamps, pack the right gear (for them, not you), pack your patience and your enthusiasm.  Share your knowledge and those better kept secrets of what you know how to do outdoors so successfully.

You’ll be glad you took those outings with the ladies who are anxious to learn. Also, the time spent in the solitude of the great outdoors will further strengthen your relationships. Besides, isn’t it more fun to guide anyway?

Emma wets a line.

Emma wets a line.


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