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Kids and Kayaks by Nebraska Game and Parks Commission
July 13, 2009, 6:05 pm
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Noah Kayaking

Noah Kayaking

WOW! … My first attempt at blogging … See what you think …

Okay, if you have a young son or daughter in your family and they’ve not tried kayaking, you’ve made a mistake! Kids and kayaks go together like S’mores and campfires!

Your kids’ll find that kayaks are more stable than canoes, faster than canoes and will take them more places than canoes can access. Plus, there’s no partner (parent, ha) to bark instructions and yell at them if they are in a solo kayak! They can also fish from them on any smaller water body or waterway! For kids, kayaking can be a constant activity and makes for great exercise while having fun at the same time!

Oh, and that myth about being caught upside down in the water in a kayak, don’t worry about it. You tip over in one like the 9-foot Old Town Otter beginner kayak with no skirt, you roll right out of it upon hitting the water, no problem!  

Probably the key selling point on kayaks is the fact that you could purchase a starter one with a paddle and appropriately-sized life jacket for under $400. Kayaks are also light-weight, simple to haul and easily stored in the garage.   

So, don’t have your kids just yak about getting in a kayak on a pond,  lake or river, have them try it! The tough thing will be getting them to come out of it, trust me, I know with Noah!


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